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Wet crane hire, Bendigo

Wet hire means a crane that is hired out with an operator, which is ideal for scenarios where there are no trained and qualified crane operators on your team or worksite.

Our crane rigging operators are professional and experts at working as part of a team – they have had many years of experience working with diverse teams on a wide range of projects in Bendigo and central Victoria.

There are many benefits of wet crane hire, which include:

  • fuel and puncture repairs are included in the wet hire rate
  • crane and operator are insured against injury, crane damage or crane theft
  • crane operators are licensed and have Occupational Health and Safety green cards
  • we always have crane operators available so there is no down time due to employee absenteeism
  • we provide replacement hire cranes whenever required
  • wet crane hire means you get an experienced crane operator
  • crane attachments such as rigging, kibbles and man cages are included in the wet crane hire rate
  • our crane fleet includes overhead and mobile cranes
  • long and short-term hire available.

We offer competitive rates, contact us for crane wet hire, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.