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Bendigo crane hire

We hire out our fleet of cranes either with an operator (wet hire) or without an operator (dry hire). Dry hire is available Australia-wide.

Dry Crane Hire

Dry crane hire is crane hire without an operator. This is ideal if you have a trained crane operator as part of your team or on your work site. The benefits of hiring a crane without an operator include: whether you need to hire a crane by the day, week or months, the crane is…

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Franna Crane Hire

Oz Cranes & Rigging provide a variety of clients in Bendigo with high quality franna crane hire, available for both wet hire (with an operator) and dry hire (without an operator). A unique mix between a crane and a truck, Franna cranes are highly valuable machines that have the ability to pick up heavy materials…

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Mobile Crane Hire

A mobile crane is the most convenient type of crane to help make light work of heavy projects. Mobile cranes are mounted on a truck, have wheels or skid-steer tracks – basically they are self-propelling. This means they can generally be driven to and from your worksite with ease. These versatile machines can lift and move heavy items…

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Wet Crane Hire

Wet hire means a crane that is hired out with an operator, which is ideal for scenarios where there are no trained and qualified crane operators on your team or worksite. Our crane rigging operators are professional and experts at working as part of a team – they have had many years of experience working with…

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